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    Trax Kawasaki Australia is a premier provider of high-quality, all-application tools based in Melbourne. Our range covers a vast spectrum of the industry, ensuring our customers have access to the best tools for any task they face.

    Our diverse range includes air tools, grinders, drills, filters, regulators, pullers, plates, wrenches, drivers, hammers, pliers, cutters, punches, ratchets, balancers, LED products, impact sockets, and much more.

    At Trax Kawasaki Australia, we are committed to excellence and innovation. Our automotive tools are not only diverse in their range but also superior in quality, ensuring they stand the test of time. They are designed with features like flexibility, high operational capability, and ease of torque application. This ensures users face minimal fatigue and can complete tasks with maximum efficiency. Our industrial-grade tools undergo rigorous quality checks, guaranteeing they meet the highest standards in the market. Whether you’re working on minor repairs or complete overhauls, our tools are customised to provide the utmost efficiency and effectiveness, making your job simpler and more productive. Choose Trax Kawasaki Australia for a combination of quality, innovation, and performance.

    To get in touch with Trax Kawasaki Australia, you can visit our location in Melbourne for a direct interaction. Alternatively, you can email us with any inquiries, or call our customer care team for prompt assistance. For specific questions or requirements, we also offer an online enquiry form on our website. Whatever your preference, our dedicated team is always available to assist and provide the information you need.

    Upon placing an order with Trax Kawasaki Australia, the delivery timeframe can vary based on product availability and your location. Typically, orders are processed and dispatched within 24-48 hours of confirmation. Standard delivery within Melbourne and nearby areas usually takes 3-5 business days. For other regions in Australia, delivery can take 5-10 business days. If you need expedited shipping or have specific delivery concerns, please contact our customer care team for more accurate estimates and available options. We strive to ensure timely delivery and keep you informed throughout the shipping process.

    Trax Kawasaki Australia operates from Monday to Friday, with our business hours being 7:30am to 4pm. Please note that we are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. If you wish to visit or contact us outside of these hours, kindly plan accordingly. We look forward to serving you during our business days and hours.

    We provide a comprehensive selection of high-performing air tools, suitable for both minor tasks and major overhauls. Our products cover all aspects of the automotive industry, offering a variety of new and inn—ovative solutions for every need.

    Our specialized and efficient air tools, often referred to as industrial air tools, can be connected to air compressors, simplifying automotive requirements. They make tasks more comfortable, ensuring maximum productivity and flexibility for a variety of applications. Investing in our tools means speeding up your work, saving energy, and using air powered tools designed to last a lifetime.

    Yes, we offer a top-notch selection of durable air accessories to further simplify and enhance your projects. These accessories complement our air tools, making them even more versatile.

    Every product we offer is rigorously tested and certified for use, ensuring you can complete your projects without compromising on safety. By choosing our industrial air tools, you are selecting premium quality tools that meet stringent safety and performance standards.

    We understand that requirements can vary, which is why we offer a wide selection of air powered tools to ensure you find the perfect fit. If you’re unsure or need advice on the application of various automotive tools, our friendly and experienced team is here to guide you in selecting the most appropriate product.

    You can reach out to us through our online contact form, call us at 03 9786 3222, or email us directly at Our team is always ready to assist you with your queries regarding our industrial air tools.

    A puller kit is a collection of tools designed to remove parts or components, such as bearings, gears, pulleys, or wheels, from a shaft or hub. They work by applying a uniform extraction force, ensuring the component is removed without causing damage to it or the surrounding parts.

    We offer a comprehensive range of hydraulic puller kits including Ball End Pullers, Blind Pullers, Hydraulic Pullers, Mechanical Pullers, Separator Plates, Slide Hammer Pullers, and Specialised Pullers, each designed for specific extraction applications.

    Selecting the right puller kit largely hinges on the specific component you aim to extract and its positioning. For instance, Ball End Pullers are tailored for extracting ball joints, while Blind Pullers are adept for parts in less accessible areas. Hydraulic Pullers utilize hydraulic force and are great for high-intensity extractions, whereas Mechanical Pullers are versatile tools for a variety of standard extractions. If you need a hydraulic puller that offers a forceful sliding motion, Slide Hammer Pullers would be your choice. Additionally, for unique extraction needs not covered by traditional pullers, we have Specialised Pullers. It’s always beneficial to assess the specific needs of your task to choose the most efficient puller.

    Absolutely! If you’re unsure about the right puller or puller kit for your needs, feel free to contact our team. Our experienced staff will guide you in selecting the most appropriate product for your specific task.

    Yes, when used correctly and for the intended purpose, hydraulic pullers are safe. They are designed to remove components without damaging them or the surrounding parts. It’s essential to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and wear appropriate safety gear when using any tool.

    Balancers are tools designed to offset the weight of handheld equipment, making them essentially weightless during operation. This ensures ergonomic and efficient handling of tools, reducing operator fatigue and improving productivity.

    Yes, there are various types of retractable spring balancers designed for different tools and weight capacities. The selection typically depends on the weight of the tool or equipment and the specific application it’s intended for.

    The ideal spring tool balancer depends on the weight and type of tool you’re using. When selecting a industrial spring balancer, ensure it can comfortably handle the tool’s weight range. If unsure, our team at Trax Kawasaki Australia is here to guide you in choosing your desired Spring Balancer.

    You can explore our range of retractable spring balancers on our website. For direct inquiries, more information, or assistance in selecting the right spring tool balancer, please reach out to us through our online contact form, call, or email.

    Retractable Spring Balancers improve work efficiency by allowing for swift and precise positioning of tools. By neutralizing the tool’s weight, spring tool balancers enable operators to work longer without experiencing strain or fatigue, ensuring consistent performance throughout.

    We provide a comprehensive range of hand tools including, but not limited to, Adjustable Wrenches, Drivers and Accessories, Hammers, Hex Keys, Measuring Tools, Punches, Pliers and Cutters, Ratchets, Scissors and Knives, Riveting/Blind Nut Tools, Shifters, and Socket and Spanner sets.

    Hand tools are fundamental because of their versatility, precision, and convenience. They can perform a wide range of tasks where powered tools might be too aggressive, allowing for meticulous work and offering better tactile feedback.

    Selecting the right tool depends on the specific task at hand. For instance, for tightening or loosening bolts, an Adjustable Wrench or Shifter might be ideal. For detailed work or measuring, you’d opt for Measuring Tools or Hex Keys. If unsure, our team is always on hand to guide you to the best tool for your requirements.

    Our hand tools stand out due to their superior quality, ergonomic design, and durability. We are committed to offering tools that are both efficient and long-lasting, ensuring value for our customers.

    While we offer comprehensive hand tool sets for a full range of tasks, individual tools can also be purchased based on your specific needs, allowing for flexibility and customization of your toolkit.