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    Trax Kawasaki Australia is home to a complete selection of high-performing automotive tools and accessories which are engineered to simplify your task. With our air tool accessories, you are always equipped to get your job done in an efficient and faster way. Whether you are looking for tools and accessories for a simple repair or a major overhaul, we have your needs covered. Our collection of accessories includes braid hose, air tool oil, balancer, mini oiler and much more. Our air tools can help you perform a variety of tasks with ease for an outcome that exceeds expectations.

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    We believe that using the right tool is a key to getting the job done right. It is our goal to offer easy access to a broad range of tools and accessories for various applications. All our products are of high-quality and will surely help you carry out tasks efficiently. To make the process of selection easy, we offer wide options. You will definitely find the product that precisely fits your requirement.

    If you are unsure, feel free to reach out to our team of experts. We will help you select the best product based on your needs. We will also guide you through the technical applications. You can contact us through our online contact form. Alternatively, you can also call us on 03 9786 3222 or email us at



    We provide a comprehensive selection of high-performing air tools, suitable for both minor tasks and major overhauls. Our products cover all aspects of the automotive industry, offering a variety of new and inn---ovative solutions for every need.
    Our specialized and efficient air tools, often referred to as industrial air tools, can be connected to air compressors, simplifying automotive requirements. They make tasks more comfortable, ensuring maximum productivity and flexibility for a variety of applications. Investing in our tools means speeding up your work, saving energy, and using air powered tools designed to last a lifetime.
    Yes, we offer a top-notch selection of durable air accessories to further simplify and enhance your projects. These accessories complement our air tools, making them even more versatile.

    Industrial Air Tools

    Trax Kawasaki specialises in high-quality Industrial air tools. Trax Kawasaki offers a wide range of these tools for various industrial applications. These tools are powered by compressed air, making them efficient and versatile.

    Our industrial air tools are preferred for their consistent and powerful performance. Trax Kawasaki’s tools are designed for heavy-duty tasks. These tools are commonly used in manufacturing, construction, and automotive industries. They offer precise control over speed and torque.

    Trax Kawasaki’s air-powered tools are engineered for durability and reliability. The tools are built to withstand harsh working conditions. They are lightweight compared to their electric counterparts. Find out more about our tools by exploring the product pages on our website.

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    Industrial Air Tools

    Trax Kawasaki’s industrial air tools are suitable for tasks like drilling, grinding, polishing, and cutting. Here are some of their benefits:

    1. They are preferred for tasks requiring repetitive actions.
    2. They are less prone to overheating during extended use.
    3. The tools offer ergonomic designs for comfortable prolonged use.
    4. Our industrial air tools are known for their lower risk of electrical hazards.
    5. Trax Kawasaki provides a variety of accessories and attachments for their air-powered tools.

    Trax Kawasaki offers pneumatic wrenches and impact drivers for heavy-duty fastening. Our tools contribute to increased productivity in various industries.

    Air-Powered Tools with Amazing Features

    Trax Kawasaki’s air-powered tools often have adjustable settings for different applications:

    1. Trax Kawasaki ensures safety features in their air tools for user protection.
    2. Our air-powered tools are a cost-effective choice for many industrial tasks.
    3. The tools are suitable for both small-scale and large-scale projects.
    4. These tools are commonly used in metalworking and woodworking.

    We also offer air grinders for efficient material removal. Find out more about our air-powered tools by getting in touch with our team.

    The Best Air Tools in Australia 

    Trax Kawasaki’s air tools contribute to reduced operator fatigue. These tools offer consistent performance regardless of voltage fluctuations.

    1. Trax Kawasaki provides pneumatic drills for precision hole-making.
    2. Our air-powered tools can be operated in environments with flammable materials.
    3. Our industrial air tools are versatile and can adapt to various attachments.
    4. Our tools are tailor-made for assembly line production.
    5. The tools can be easily controlled for delicate tasks with minimal effort.
    6. They have a longer lifespan compared to certain electric tools.
    7. Trax Kawasaki’s industrial air tools come with warranties for customer satisfaction.

    Trax Kawasaki’s range stands out for its quality and reliability. Contact us today to upgrade your manufacturing and increase your profits.

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