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    Nut Rivet Gun

    Blind Nut Crimp Kit ARX-HRN2K

    ARX-HRN2/ARX-HRN2K Hand Rivet Nut Tool Kit


    Blind Nut Kit ARX-BNK

    TRAX Blind Nut Kit w/Step Drill


    Economic M4 to M8 Blind Nut Tool

    Economic Blind Nut Tool M4 to M8 Stainless


    Pneumatic Blind Nut Gun

    Pneumatic Blind Nut Gun M4-M10


    S/Head Nut/Rivet Tool ARX-S905

    ARX-S905 Swivel Hand Rivet & Rivet Nut Tools


    Nut Rivet Gun

    Trax Kawasaki specialises in innovative industrial nut rivet guns. These tools are designed to efficiently install blind rivet nuts in various applications. Trax Kawasaki’s rivet nut tools offer a reliable solution for creating strong threaded connections.

    Our blind nut rivet tools are commonly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and construction. These tools simplify the process of installing threaded inserts into materials like metal and plastic. Trax Kawasaki’s tools come in a variety of sizes and designs to suit different rivet nut types.

    Our tools ensure a secure and permanent fastening method, enhancing structural integrity. These tools offer the advantage of creating threaded connections in hard-to-reach areas. Know more about our nut rivet guns by reading on.

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    Blind Nut Rivet Tools for All Your Needs

    Trax Kawasaki’s tools are designed for ease of use and reduced operator fatigue during long hours of work. Our industrial nut rivet guns are essential for tasks requiring robust and vibration-resistant connections.

    1. Trax Kawasaki’s rivet nut tools contribute to improved assembly speed and overall efficiency.
    2. These tools are suitable for both production line operations and on-site repairs.
    3. Our blind nut rivet tools offer a cost-effective solution compared to traditional threaded fastening methods.

    Trax Kawasaki’s tools are equipped with ergonomic features for comfortable handling and precise control. Our tools are ideal for creating strong connections in thin or lightweight materials.

    Highlights of our Rivet Nut Tools

    Trax Kawasaki’s rivet nut tools provide consistent and uniform installation results. The tools are compatible with various rivet nut materials, including aluminium, steel, and stainless steel.

    1. Our blind nut rivet tools can accommodate a wide range of rivet nut sizes and thread types.
    2. Trax Kawasaki offers versatile tool kits that include multiple attachments for various applications.
    3. Our blind nut rivet tools contribute to reduced labour costs and improved production throughput.
    4. These tools are widely used in industries that require efficient and reliable fastening methods.

    Trax Kawasaki’s tools are designed with quick-change mechanisms for easy and swift attachment swapping.

    Get our Nut Rivet Guns in Australia Today

    Trax’s nut rivet guns are used in the installation of components like brackets, handles, and fixtures.

    1. Our rivet nut tools are suitable for creating load-bearing connections in both permanent and detachable structures.
    2. The tools are designed to prevent material deformation during the rivet nut installation process.
    3. Our tools are compatible with different power sources, including pneumatic and electric.
    4. Trax Kawasaki’s tools offer adjustable settings to accommodate various material thicknesses.
    5. These tools are essential for tasks that demand precision and accuracy in fastening.
    6. Our blind Nut rivet tools are known for their reliability in creating watertight and airtight connections.

    Rivet nut tools are an integral part of modern manufacturing and Trax Kawasaki’s range stands out for its quality and performance in this field. Get in touch with us today to know more!

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