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    Barrel Grinders

    Extended H/D Die Griender KPT-NG5A-CS/KPT-NG65L-CS

    KPT-NG5A-CS/KPT-NG65L-CS Kawasaki Extended H/D Die Griender


    H/D Die Griender KPT-NG65A-CR/KPT-NG65L-CR

    KPT-NG65A-CR / KPT-NG65L-CR Kawasaki H/D Die Griender


    H/D Die Grinder KPT-NG45A-CR

    KPT-NG45A-CR Kawasaki H/D Die Grinder


    Kawasaki Barrel Grinders

    **Safety leaver versions = DS models **Roll throttle versions = DR Models


    Barrel Grinder: Automotive Expertise Crafted by Trax Kawasaki Australia

    For professionals aiming for nothing short of perfection, remember that the right barrel grinder tool can make all the difference. In the world of automotive excellence, that difference is forged by Trax Kawasaki Australia. Choose us, and let’s drive toward a future of unparalleled precision together.

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    Searching for Air Barrel Grinder?

    Diving into our repertoire, the barrel grinder stands tall as a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. This tool, especially when characterised by its air-operated counterparts, the air barrel grinder and the pneumatic barrel grinder, is a transformative piece of equipment for anyone in the automotive sector.

    The question is: Why does the automotive world venerate the barrel grinder? It’s simple. The tool’s ergonomic design and high-speed rotation ensure immaculate grinding, polishing, and deburring. With its pneumatic operation, the air barrel grinder guarantees both efficiency and unparalleled precision. Its design ensures that even the most challenging nooks and crannies of automotive parts can be accessed and perfected.

    On the other hand, the pneumatic barrel grinder raises the bar in tooling efficiency. With its rapid rotations and consistency in performance, this grinder is the top choice for professionals looking to elevate their craftsmanship. Designed to be user-friendly, its benefits include optimum performance and ease of use, making it a sought-after piece in workshops across the continent.

    When professionals in the automotive industry are on the hunt for high-end parts or need to replace existing ones, tools like the barrel grinder become indispensable. With these in hand, the process is streamlined and enriched, ensuring the finished product is of the highest calibre.

    What Makes Trax Kawasaki Australia the Go-To Destination for Pneumatic Barrel Grinder?

    With state-of-the-art facilities at our disposal, each product, from grinders, drills, mini oilers and pillars to cutters, results from rigorous research and innovation. We’re not just in the business of tool supply; we’re in the business of redefining tool standards.

    Furthermore, our emphasis on pneumatic barrel grinder tools being easy to use, efficient, and incredibly flexible is not merely a business standpoint, it’s our promise. When you choose Trax Kawasaki Australia, you’re not just investing in a tool; you’re investing in a legacy of excellence and a future of unmatched efficiency.

    Our commitment to the Australian automotive industry is evident through our continuous endeavours to understand its pulse and needs. We stand firm as experts, not just by title but by our unwavering dedication to the craft. Our insights, combined with feedback from the industry, allow us to craft tools that are not just state-of-the-art but also in line with the evolving demands of the automotive world.

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