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    6Pc Double Flex Socket Wrench Set

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    Socket & Spanner Sets


    Foam Tray Dimension: 392x138x34mm

    Material: Cr.V Chrome Vanadium

    Socket Wrench Sizes
    8mmx9mm, 10mmx11mm, 12mmx13mm, 14mmx15mm, 16mmx17mm, 18mmx19mm

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    TRAX ARX-TW4060 6Pc Double Flexible Socket Wrench Set
    12-point corner-free socket heads made from durable Cr.V material
    Sizes: 8x9mm, 10x11mm, 12x13mm, 14x15mm, 16x17mm, 18x19mm
    Double flexible head for over 180-degree range of motion
    Precision and flexibility for various tasks
    High-quality craftsmanship and reliability


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